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Lazy Trader Review

Welcome, today I will be reviewing the Lazy Trader which is a binary options software claiming to be able to make its users $237 per hour – Well, let’s see about that.

Lazy Trader Scam


Does the “Lazy Trader” Work?

I’ll be honest with you. As soon as I saw the sales page and the claims being made, alarm bells went off in my head instantly. This seems to be just another hype filled pitch fest full of fake claims and lies similar to what the Intellix System has to offer (which I reviewed recently, avoid it).

If you are familiar with these type of promotions, which I am sure that you are, you may be aware that this is nothing more than a “copy and paste” micro-launch. What I mean by that is that the creators of Lazy Trader have simply copied the template from other similar systems and just changed the name and created a new sales video. This is known as a “micro-launch” because it’s just a quick cash grab for the creators but on a small scale.


Rick Daniels – Harvard Dropout?

Rick is supposed to be the man behind this software, however he’s nothing more than a paid actor who’s probably never even been anywhere near Harvard! These types of claims are added to add “validity” to the story as an ex coder who dropped out of University could easily create something like this in the mind of the general public, however in reality, it couldn’t be more removed from reality.


$5,000 Guaranteed per day?

Not really. Actually, I’ve noticed a trend here recently. $5,000 per day seems to be the go-to number. Not sure why, considering they state you will earn $237 per hour, which, the last time I checked would be $5,688 per day assuming you could trade 24×7 which you can’t.

Also, if you read the ‘risk disclaimer’ located at the bottom of the page, you will quickly see that these claims are nothing more than that, claims. There is NO guarantee being made at all.


Lazy Trader App Review – Conclusion

Again, this is yet another automated binary options trading bot to avoid at all costs. Hyped up claims? Check. Fake guarantees? Check. Reviews by Fake people and Actors? Check. Everything points to this being a scam, which is it.

Intellix Systems Review

Today I will be reviewing the “Intellix System” which is a new automated binary options trading robot which claims to be able to make its users $10,000 per day using artificial intelligence that is supposed to be 100% accurate (well alrighty then).

Intellix System Scam

Does Intellix System Work?

On the sales video, the “NeuroTrader” claims to be 100% accurate – this is nothing more than a complete lie. Do you really think there is a 100% accurate automated trading robot? If there was, we’d all be rich, no ifs or buts. I also like the fact that it talks about “throwing good money after bad” but that is exactly what’s going on here. If you use the Intellix System Neuro Trader you will literally be throwing money away.


You can’t trust Jeff Blumenthal

The supposed creator of this system, “Jeff” is nothing more than a stock image, easily found on search engines and useable for just a few bucks.


User Reviews

After you “optin” you are taken to a page where you can “register” for the Intellix System. On this page you can also find some user reviews. A quick Google search shows that these are 100% fake and the images are probably being used without the people who appears consent.


Neuro Trader Earnings Slip-up?

On the main sales page, you are teased with claims such as make $10,000 per day yet once you optin and get to the registration page, the FAQ states that using the trader you can make up to $5,000 per day, so which one is it? Well, it doesn’t really matter as you won’t be making anywhere near those figures, more like losing it!


Intellix System NeuroTrader Conclusion

I won’t be recommending this to anyone, unless you like losing money, which in that case, go right ahead as this is nothing more than a cease pit. Binary Options are nothing more than a “gamble” and I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy having an automated robot which I have no control over, have complete access to my trading balance allowing it to simply “gamble” away my cash. Give this one a miss.

We Are Back!

Today is a good day for us here at TrustedBinary.Co – after a very long hiatus, we are please to confirm that the team is back and ready for action!



Above shows a tweet from our official account confirming our return.

Since we’ve been gone, it’s apparent that a lot has changed within the Binary Options community and also the general internet marketing community as well. I’ve noticed that as less people continue to review these BO products and services, the claims which the marketers are making have become even more outlandish! Just recently I”ve seen claims made by automated trading bots that they are 100% accurate, all of the time! yeah right.

So, let this blog post serve as a warning to all shady marketers out there; we are back, bigger and stronger than ever!

~Trusted Binary Team.